• History and Background

    ACCOSCA is a Pan-African confederation of national associations of savings and credit cooperatives societies. ACCOSCA opened its doors in 1968 and is currently being governed by domicile laws and the ACCOSCA constitution. It enjoys a goodwill gesture from its members and other stakeholders that are keen on making Africa a better place to live. The General Assembly which currently comprises of twenty seven countries is the highest organ of the organization. The General Assembly is held annually and is rotated within the region. It ensures that the activities of ACCOSCA remain relevant in meeting the challenges faced by Africa. It is in this respect that a bold step was taken to approve the Confederation's revitalizations program at the Malawi General assembly meeting in 2007. Currently ACCOSCA has developed programs aimed at improving socio-economic needs of Africa through saving and credit unions, partnering with various government bodies, development agencies and research institution so as to contribute towards mitigating challenges facing Africa in the twenty-first century aimed at effectively supporting members, working on bringing services to the people not generally served by the formal sector.


    1.Promoting the establishment of an institutional framework for mobilizing personal saving and credit cooperatives
    2.Capacity Building
    3.Technical Assistance
    4.Financial assistance and services to the African cooperatives saving and credit Associations
    5.Information exchange (discussion of common experiences)

    Vision Statement

    “Promoting financial inclusion in Africa”

    Core values