Region: Southern Block


Date of joining 12/09/1980

BOSCCA the apex body for Savings and Credit Association in Botswana and was first registered in 1988 when twelve co-operatives came together to form it. It is financed, owned and controlled by the member co-operatives. The period 1993-2005 BOSCCA was dormant and Savings and Credit co-operatives Societies received technical assistance such as auditing, training of members and staff as well as business advisory services from the Department of Co-operative Development. A decision was made to revive the association in 2005 so that the SACCOs’ movement could have a mother body that would advocate for its growth. Although the initial membership of twelve co-operatives is still maintained, the association has a potential of additional member complement of 30 registered societies.  


Quality SACCOS’ for everyone in Botswana.


To develop, promote and safeguard a safe and sound network of SACCOS’ in Botswana capable of providing quality and affordable financial services to members in accordance with International Co-operative Principles, the Act and Co-operative Practice. 


  • To identify, promote, organise and develop SACCOS’ in Botswana
  • Build and maintain a financially sound network of Savings and Credit Co-operatives to mobilise and effectively channel savings to meet social and economic development needs of its members and the country at large.
  • Foster the vitality of SACCOS’ to become effective financial intermediaries by providing programmes and services that will enhance the SACCOS’ ability to successfully meet the needs and expectations of their members;
  • Work with other stakeholders in national domestic savings mobilisation initiatives in order to bring about the sustainable economic Development in the country
  • Improve access to financial services to the vast majority of Botswana who lack access to affordable and readily available financial services.
  • Revive all dormant communal/institutional savings and credit societies and encourage the potential and viable ones for further development and self sufficiency.
  • Disseminate information pertaining SACCOS’ and provide sound operational methods and practices relevant to all concepts of present and future SACCOS’.
  • Render technical assistance, education and training programmes to the members and officers of the SACCOS’ and undertake income generating projects for self sufficiency.
  • Arrange and establish risk management programmes where by the members funds and life will be protected against any possible loss.
  • Establish a central finance programme whereby SACCOS’ will pool their resources together to create a source of lending to both societies and individual members.
  • Stand as a legitimate apex organisation and represent Savings and Credit Societies at national and international forums. 


The challenges that affect the growth of Savings and Credit Co-operatives in Botswana include among others;

  • Mismanagement and Fraud  due to inadequate controls and implementation of good governance
  • Members’ apathy resulting from members’ lack of commitment to attend meetings which are crucial in decision making.
  • Competition from other financial institutions. In order to overcome the above mentioned challenges BOSCCA will assist in;
  • Identifying areas of weaknesses in internal controls and intensifying training in order to enhance the internal control systems and implement them.
  • Intensifying education on ownership of the co-operatives since most members tend to ignore their association because of inadequate level of understanding that the co-operatives belong to them.
  • Coming up with competitive products and services that would lure the members to utilise their co-operatives more. 

The association has a role to play in assisting the co-operatives diversify their products and services thus expanding their portfolios by venturing into property development and exploring the stock market locally and offshore, task of helping resuscitate 23 other societies that have been dormant some of which are currently being considered for liquidation. The association will help identify alternative diversification opportunities as supported by the National Policy for Co-operatives Development. BOSCCA will as it continues to grow, provide training and business advisory services to the co-operative movement as well as increase its membership.  




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