• National Association of Co-operative Savings & Credit Unions of Zimbabwe Manager

    Job Title : Manager
    Report to : Board of Directors
    Location : Harare Zimbabwe
    Deadline : 22nd October 2018

    National Association of Co-perative Savings & Credit Unions of Zimbabwe (NACSCUZ) is the registered National Association of Savings & Credit Unions Cooperatives in Zimbabwe. NACSCUZ mandate - as the umbrella body for SACCOs in Zimbabwe- are mainly advocacy, representation and capacity building to SACCOs in Zimbabwe.

    The Manager will be responsible for providing visionary leadership and direction in the realization of the NASCUZ’s vision, mission, and long-term business strategy for the NASCUZ. Specifically, s/he will be responsible for overseeing the day-today management of the NASCUZ’s operations to ensure enhanced profitability and sustainability.
    1. Creating, communicating and implementing the organization's vision, mission, and overall direction that has been developed In Conjunction with the Board. Lead in the implementation of the overall NASCUZ’s strategy.
    2. Provide visionary leadership and direction to the NASCUZ and ensure the efficient management of resources;
    3. Develop and implement a robust business development strategy to drive the NASCUZ agenda;
    4. Spearhead the formulation and implementation of best practice policies and procedures to enhance operational efficiency;
    5. Foster a corporate cu lture that promotes ethical practices and good corporate citizenship;
    6. Continuously review the NASCUZ’s long-term strategy and recommend appropriate changes in line with the dynamic business environment within which the NASCUZ operates;
    7. Oversee the preparat ion of annual business plans, operating budgets and management reports to facilitate decision making by the Board;
    8. Promote a risk awareness culture at the NASCUZ and enforce compliance to internal monitoring and control procedures;
    9. Develop and nurture business relationships with relevant stakeholders and institutions and leverage these to achieve organizational goals
    10. Manage the NASCUZ’s funds prudently to ensure a healthy financial position and high return on investment;
    11. Work in advisory capacity as co-opted members of the Board.
    12. Ensure the regulations and procedures that run the NASCUZ affairs effectively and free of flaws
    13. Ensure maintenance of an organizational climate where resources are developed efficiently and effectively exploited to the optimum ben efit of the NASCUZ.
    14. Responsible for the maintenance of a positive image of the NASCUZ including handling press matters.
    15. Vet all major correspondence not of routine nature that is sent to donors, government and other bodies that deal or purport to deal with the NASCUZ.
    16. Principally, he/she is the liaison officer with the government and other agencies but may delegate some of these issues only after weighing the possible consequences of such delegation.
    17. Ensure that proper targets and standards are set and achi eved at each level of operation in NASCUZ activities, communicating such evaluation and instruction
    18. Develop and maintain an organizational structure that ensures adequate and effective communication channels through properly developed and maintained chain of command system making sure that constant evaluation of the effectiveness of existing systems are made and modifications thereof made in order to develop an atmosphere of high motivation and morale and taking advantage of innovation and creativity that stems out of effective communications systems including creation and conduct of effective staff meetings.
    19. Search or use others to search for information that helps in the preparation of BOD meetings and guide the Board on the information in order to ensure accurate and timely decisions made by the Board to the advantage of the NASCUZ.
    20. Advise the BOD on all operations and administrative matters of the NASCUZ.
    21. Appraise the BOD on the current activities and targets of the NASCUZ through submission of reports on its operations
    22. Sign all NASCUZ documents and agreements where specified by the BOD.
    23. Ensure that the NASCUZ operates within guidelines given by the Board
    1. All round pressure to achieve deadlines
    2. Limited resources against several competing NASCUZ needs
    3. Risks and consequences of making financial mistakes
    4. May work during odd hours

    Education: Formal Qualifications

    • Essential: Bachelor of Commerce [Finance option] or Bachelors in Business Administration recognized equivalent.
    • Desirable: Master’s in Business Management or Masters in Development studies will be an added advantage
    • Qualifications in Co-operative operations, Micro-Finance, Entrepreneurship or any other relevant field would be an added advantage
    1. Essential: Minimum of 5 years’ experience at Managerial level in Co-operatives or Micro Finance or Banking Industry
    2. Job Related Knowledge: Proficient computer skills, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel
    3. Good business sense and financial planning Strategy development and implementation
    4. Experienced at preparing and presenting quarterly goals and forecasts for future projects
    5. Strong presentation and negotiation skills: strong written, interper sonal and verbal communication skills
    6. Comfortable in both a leadership and team-player role
    7. Good Command of the English, Understanding a regional Language would be an advantage.
    8. Honest, approachable, team player, Intelligible and Resourceful.
    9. Able to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively: Self-motivated and self-directed
    10. Have unquestionable integrity and strong leadership skills
    11. Flare in Current Financial and Business Trends
    12. Excellent People Management Skills

    Deadline: Qualified and Interested Applicants should send their Resume with Reference to Technical Advisor NACSCUZ
    Email address:tonny.otieno@accosca.org /jambalariany42@yahoo.com not later than 22nd October 2018. This should be accompanied with a letter stating your current salary and expected salary. Compensation will be determined by experience of the job holder.