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Date of joining - 17/09/1968

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kusccoThe Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Co-operatives (KUSCCO) Ltd. is the umbrella organization of all Savings and Credit Co-operatives in Kenya.  KUSCCO was registered on 27th September, 1973 under CS/NO. 2171 and officially kicked off operations in 1974.

KUSCCO was registered to advocate for a level environment in which SACCOs can do business.  Our Mission is “Empowerment of our members through Advocacy and provision of Quality, Diversified, Innovative and Market-driven Financial and Technical Services to SACCOs.”  

Our Vision is “to be the leading National Co-operative Organization for SACCOs in Kenya”.  


  • To provide advocacy, lobby, advice and protect members against adverse legislation and/or restrictions.
  • To act as the principal local and international representative and mouth-piece of all SACCOs.
  • To promote the organization and development of viable SACCOs
  • To disseminate information concerning SACCOs and co-ordinate their operating methods and practices and foster Education and Training of members, officials and employees.
  • To promote among SACCOs and their officials, employees and members a common code of ethics based on Co-operative principles.


The Union has 5 Regional offices and 8 sub-branches countrywide.  These are:-

  • Nairobi Region        -    Nairobi
  • Western Region        -    Kisumu
  • Rift Valley Region        -    Nakuru
  • Coast Region            -    Mombasa
  • Mount Kenya Region        -    Embu

The sub-branches are located in Eldoret, Kisii, Kakamega, Athi River, Nyeri, Meru, Thika and Kericho.


Being a national organization, the supreme authority of the Union is vested in the delegates elected at the Provincial level.  Currently there are 120 delegates drawn from the whole country.


The Union has a Board of 13 Directors within which a National Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected by the Board.  The Managing Director manages the daily affairs of the Union with the support of the Management team.


Senior Management staff includes the Finance Manager, Internal Audit Manager, Risk Management Manager, Education and Training Manager, Central Finance Programme Manager, Chief Accountant, Research & Consultancy Manager and the Corporate Affairs and Marketing Manager.  At the Regional level, the Union’s activities are coordinated by Regional Managers.


KUSCCO is the local and international representative of SACCO Societies in Kenya hence promotes networking and collaboration of all Savings and Credit Co-operatives and other stakeholders at both local and international level.  The Union plays its advocacy role in all matters that affect the development and growth of SACCOs.  KUSCCO is affiliated to the Kenya National Federation of Co-operatives (KNFC), the African Confederation of Savings and Credit Co-operatives (ACCOSCA), World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) and the International Raiffeisen Union (IRU). KUSCCO is also a member of the East African Regional Associations of SACCOs (EARAS) and the African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA).

KUSCCO National Chairman holds the Presidency of the African Confederation of Savings and Credit Co-operatives (ACCOSCA).

KUSCCO also holds two delegate positions in the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU).  



With an asset base of over Kshs. 200 billion and a total savings exceeding Kshs. 170 billion the Kenya SACCO Movement is not only the largest in Africa, but is ranked seventh overall on a global level.

This is a huge portfolio that makes up nearly 20 per cent of the total domestic savings in the country, a factor that underlines the importance of the Movement in Kenya's financial fabric.

At KUSCCO Ltd, our advocacy role includes political, corporate, legal and social training.  We train our members on how to competently manage their SACCOs and optimize their investment. Other training areas are on governance, liquidity and loan portfolio management, savings mobilization strategy, how to survive in a highly competitive environment and the merging of small SACCOs to become economically viable.

Our advocacy role demands that we work closely with the Ministry of Co-operative Development and Marketing to ensure policy and legal systems favourable to the Movement are passed and implemented.  The new SACCO Bill, fair taxation, priority in deductions of SACCO loans by Government departments, etc requires direct engagement with the Government.  


In order for KUSCCO Ltd to remain financially independent and able to support the organization's core duty of advocacy, six business units independent of each other have been formed.

They include the Central Finance Program, Risk Management Services, Education and Training, KUSCCO Housing Fund, Business Development Research & Consultancy Department and Marketing Department.

1.  The Central Finance Program

This is the inter-lending facility for all SACCOs affiliated to KUSCCO Ltd and operates on the same principles as the SACCO Societies. It mobilizes funds within the SACCO Movement, extends the credit boundaries and accelerates the lending capacities of SACCOs.  The program also offers attractive interest rates on the deposits made by SACCOs.  Over the years, the program has built a portfolio of over Sh2 billion in the form of savings from members’ SACCOs.

The money is lent to these affiliate SACCOs at a modest interest rate.  This facility therefore enables SACCOs to get loans from KUSCCO Ltd and lend to their individual or group members at equally cheaper rates, normally 12 per cent per annum. Since 1989, KUSCCO Ltd has used this facility to loan over Sh10 billion to member SACCOs.

2.  Risk Management Services

KUSCCO Risk Management Services provides SACCO Societies with a Fund that gives them mutual protection against loan losses.  This enables SACCOs to co-operate horizontally and also spread their risks among fellow societies.  The programme covers loans to members, committee members’ risks, funeral expenses and member savings.  

3.  Education and Training Services

This is the oldest program at KUSCCO having started in 1974. Through the program, SACCO officials, staff and members are educated on governance issues, financial management, Human Resource, taxation, asset and liability management among others.

In undertaking this program, KUSCCO noted that cooperative societies are financial institutions which, without proper training for their personnel, cannot survive in a competitive financial environment.  To bring the Kenyan SACCO market in line with international standards, KUSCCO has annual international exchange programs with SACCOs from USA, Israel, Canada, India, Philipines, South Africa and Ireland, which are providing invaluable skills acquisition.

These international exchange programs have in turn led to skills transfer, enabling Kenya's Co-operative Movement to generate products and services that meet international standards.

Some of these products include Automated Teller Machine (ATM) services, money transfer and visa cards which are globally recognized.

SACCOs like Mwalimu, Ukulima, Kenya Bankers, Bandari, Gusii Mwalimu among others have these facilities matching full banking services, which are a result of the exchange program.

4.  KUSCCO Housing Fund

The KUSCCO Housing Fund started in 2000 and is arguably one of Kenya's cheapest housing loan schemes.  The Union has disbursed a total of Kes. 303 million to date to individual SACCO members to buy land, purchase or construct a house.

5.  Business Development, Research and Consultancy Services

Some of the consultancy services provided to our affiliates and individual members include strategic planning, feasibility studies, training needs analysis, curriculum development, salary and benefits survey, product development among others.

* FOSA was introduced to SACCOs in Kenya by KUSCCO and to date the product has revolutionized the SACCO Movement in the country.  

6. Corporate Affairs and Marketing Department

This department caters to the management of Corporate Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility, Media Watch and Corporate Image.  As a medium for creating awareness, KUSCCO publishes the “SACCO Star” Magazine on a quarterly basis.


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