• Research and Business Development

    The research and development department engages with partnering organization to ensure that policy formulation is robustly developed; an elaborate regional research that caters for regional needs. It is through this that the association effectively contributes towards regional social-economic development of which has a positive impact on members of SACCOs.

     Some of the research results will be electronically availed to the members for free while non-members will be charged a small fee that is priced according to work involved.  Other research organizations are also able to obtain detailed information about SACCO's in member countries and their specific needs. 

    These products are largely developed through consultancy and collaboration.

    The research and business development products offered are as follows;

    • Consultancy services for development partners and members: conduct feasibility study, produce strategic paper and identify social priorities.
    • Perform social audits, evaluations, impact assessments, Sacco's institutional capacity assessments for donors.
    • Resource building on-behalf of SACCOs in member countries through the national bodies: resource mobilization, strategic partnership and endowment building.
    • Involved in providing marketing, financing and technical capacity building support to members.
    • Engage in promoting social-economic needs of the member countries; identifying ways in which health related challenges can be effectively mitigated by SACCO's.
    • Collecting and publishing information for the interest of members, also involved project identification, design and evaluation on behalf of donor and members.