• Training and Education

    • ACCOSCA is investing in training needs of Boards and Management staff of SACCO’s across Africa for the next five years (2009-2014). The implementation of five years strategic plan aimed at revitalizing co-operative activities hinges on competent and well trained Board and Management Staff within ACCOSCA and National Umbrella bodies.
    • ACCOSCA training is developed and contextualized to fit regional needs, given the need to incorporate cultural and economic dynamics of each regional block. A standard training manual is being developed and is to be disseminated to SACCOs through national umbrella bodies: to support senior management in effectively running their organization.
    • ACCOSCA’s education programs aim at identifying income generating gaps for individual SACCO’s; contributing to poverty reduction by encouraging African SACCO’s to develop sustainable entrepreneurial activities. ACCOSCA is able to provide support by identifying opportunities that would scale down income generating projects.
    • In an effort to improve co-operative’s capacity in Africa, ACCOSCA arranges exchange program for employees working within member countries; The employees of national bodies are able to work for a specific period in a different regional block where co-operative good practices are learnt. Details can be sought through info@accosca.org
      ACCOSCA develop frameworks and programs that encourage member organization promote gender related policy at all levels; training to ensure gender responsive participation and establish a system that represent gender balance at decision organs of SACCOS leadership.