Region: Eastern

Date of joining 16/09/1968

Website: http://www.ucscu.co.ug/

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Uganda Cooperatives Savings and Credit Union Limited

Uganda Cooperatives Savings and Credit Union Limited (UCSCU) is the national apex organisation for Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs) in Uganda. It is registered under the Uganda Cooperative Societies Statute 1991 and the Uganda Cooperative Regulations 1992. Consistent with the Statute, internally UCSCU has its registered Byelaws and operating policies and procedures.

Vision and Mission Statements:

To be a Sustainable Institution for All SACCOs in Uganda and respectively, to be a Sustainable SACCO-Owned Institution that Offers Demand-Driven Quality financial Services to SACCOs for their Growth and Profitability.

Organisational Structure and Operation

UCSCU is formed, financed, owned and controlled by Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs). The SACCOs elect a Board of directors, which formulates policies. The Board of UCSCU then hires management for the day-to-day operations. The AGM also elects a Supervisory Committee which works as the internal audit committee or watchdog for UCSCU. The supervisory committee checks both the board and management to ensure that they are running the Union well and in the best interest of the SACCOs.

UCSCU has a Board of 5 members and has full time technical and administrative management and staff who are supported by various consultants outsourced as and when need arises.

UCSCU’s work covers the whole country, with over 644,318 people working together in over 1,513 SACCOs according to July 2008 statistics. The target is to have a lead SACCO per Sub County in Uganda by the end of year 2010.

UCSCU has set up regional offices in Northern (Gulu), Eastern (Mbale), Western (Mbarara), Central (Wakiso), West-Nile (Arua), North-Eastern (Soroti), South-Western (Kabale), Mid-Western (Kabarole), Lake Victoria Basin (Masaka), Busoga (Iganga) Masindi and Luwero. Other offices to be established include Teso, Karamoja,

Mandate of UCSCU

  • UCSCU fosters the organization and development of SACCOs in Uganda and improves their internal operations. In particular the Union:    
  • Causes the organization and development of SACCOs in Uganda.
  • Promotes sponsors and develops educational and training programs to educate SACCOs in the proper methods, procedures and principles of safe and sound operations.
  • Promotes publicity and public relations activities as may be required to inform, influence, maintain and broaden community awareness and public understanding of the importance of SACCO services and benefits.
  • Promotes and act for the savings and credit cooperative movement by advocating for Legislation required for preservation and improvement of savings and credit cooperatives in the country.
  • Designs and offers to its member’s financial management programs on competitive terms.
  • Provides an international link with other world bodies having similar objectives.
  • Engages in research and development and supply related information as required by its members.


Services of UCSCU to SACCOs and communities

  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Technical Services
  • Marketing
  • Representation
  • Advocacy
  • Information Management
  • Networking
  • Guiding formation of SACCOs

Partnerships and Linkages

  • Government of Uganda
  • The Afican Confederation of Cooperative Savings and Credit Associations
  • World Council of Credit Unions Inc. (WOCCU) and
  • The Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA)
  • Association of Microfinance Institution in Uganda (AMFIU) and
  • The Uganda Cooperative Alliance
  • District Commercial Officers, National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADS), Post Bank Uganda (PBU) and the Micro Finance Support Centre (MSC).  

For more information, please contact us on the following address

Uganda Cooperative Savings and Credit Union Ltd

Plot 33 Lumumba Avenue, Murtala Courts, 5th Floor

Tel: +25641423360, Fax: +256414233598

P.O Box 6203 Kampala, Uganda

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.ucscu.co.ug