TOR for Training of Assistant registrars and cooperators on supervisory handbook

TOR for Training of Assistant registrars and cooperators on supervisory handbook

Business Development
Project Location(s):
Tanzania February - March 2021
Job Type:

Training of Assistant registrars and co-operators on supervisory Handbook.

FOR “Improving Rural Financial Inclusion through Cooperatives”

1.0 Background:

Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission (TCDC) is an Independent organization established under the Cooperative Societies  Act No 6 Of 2013. TCDC was established for the Purpose of Regulating and Promoting Cooperative Societies in Tanzania Mainland. The regulation of cooperatives societies in Tanzania is now under the central Bank of Tanzania but they have delegated this role to TCDC.

Tanzania has a new microfinance Act which was implemented in 2019 and all the SACCOs are regulated under this ACT. The IRFITCO project intends to help train the regulators on the components of the supervisory hand book that will be used by the assistant registrars and cooperative officers to supervise SACCOs, this is in view of the new Act.

The purpose of this training

The purpose of this training is to sensitize supervisors on how to use the handbook in the field when supervising SACCOS. This will simplify and enhance work uniformity for regulators.

From 2017 ACCOSCA through the support of IRFITCO project funded by IFAD has been working with TCDC on a number of things among the things achieved since then are:-

  • Capacity building of the staff of the Registrar’s office (assistant registrars and cooperative officers) mainly on regulation and supervision.
  • Study & exposure of staff in the registrar’s office.
  • Information gathering, sharing research and consultancies.
The 3 components of the project:
  1. Building the technical capacity of financial co-operatives and their network organization.
  2. Introducing innovation to financial co-operatives and their network organization.
  3. Knowledge management and policy dialogue.

The Terms of Reference (ToR) for this Consultancy is in line with components 1 & 3 of the project which is Building the technical capacity of financial cooperatives and their network organization and Knowledge management and policy dialogue.

2.0 Purpose

To train regulators on supervisory handbook.

3.0 Specific objectives
  • To develop a PowerPoint presentation
  • Train the supervisors.
4.0 Scope of work 30 Days. (voluntary 30%)
Specific tasksPotential no. of DaysScheduled Date
Advertising of the ToR-8th February 2021
Selection of the Consultant-22th February 2021
Develop the training materials and submit to ACCOSCA.Desk work 15 daysFeb - March 2021
Training of the Assistant registrars and the cooperative officers.10 daysMarch 2021
Preparation of the Training reports5 daysMarch 2021
5.0 Output

Training reports.

 6.0 Lines of communication
  • The consultants will report to the CEO ACCOSCA.
  • The consultants will liaise with Constance Wasike, the program coordinator, and Maureen Njoroge, project assistant on logistical support.
  • The consultant shall prepare a training report and submits to the CEO, ACCOSA.
 7.0 Information

Any other relevant information documentation required will be provided by official within ACCOSCA as advised during the signing of the contract.

8.0 Deadline

The deadline for delivering the training report 26th March 2021.

9.0 Approval

ACCOSCA is seeking candidates:

  1. With a master’s level qualification in business and marketing-related subjects.
  2.  Proven experience of 7 years or more in management of credit unions.
  3. Who have applied these skills in Africa and preferably East Africa.
  4.  A qualified Development Educator would be an advantage.
  5. The Consultant must be fluent in both written and spoken English.
10. Fitness to Travel

It is the consultants’ responsibility to ensure that they are medically fit for travel to and work in the destination country. In accepting this TOR/ Terms and Conditions the Consultants confirm that the consultants’ general state of health and fitness is good for the trip in question and that the Consultants take full responsibility for themselves. The onus is on the individuals involved to ensure that ACCOSCA is advised of any medical information that may impact their trip. All information will be held in confidence.

 11. Application process

Please submit CV with cover letter via email to George Ombado, CEO, ACCOSCA, Kilimanjaro Road, Upper Hill Nairobi, Kenya


The closing date for applications is Friday, 19th February 2021

All applicants are thanked for their interest in the assignment. However, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

TOR for Training of Assistant registrars and cooperators on supervisory handbook
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