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Exchange Programs

As it continues to trailblaze its way as a Pan-African organization committed to empowering and promoting the Cooperative movement in Africa, ACCOSCA has consistently strived to organize exciting, thrilling yet impactful Exchange Programs with a unique thematic focus. These are Programs organized with our global partners to provide exposure to ACCOSCA membership on best practices and an opportunity to benchmark.

The aim is to encourage peer learning amongst SACCOs/CUs at the national, continental, and global levels and to facilitate the exchange of good practices. Further, the Programs present a rare opportunity for members attending to learn and exchange prudent practices aimed at growing and impacting the cooperative movement.

These programs are organized in a manner that propels participants to understand an array of different community perspectives and also, instinctively appreciate how others are impacting the sector. They are designed to build capacity for Board Members, Managers, Policy Makers, and SACCO/CU staff of cooperative organizations and also, to create awareness of the role of regulation in supporting SACCOs growth and development.

Contact us today for more information and to find out how your SACCO/CU can be part of future Exchange Programs that ACCOSCA is organizing.