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Our Commitment to the Climate Action Agenda

Over the years, ACCOSCA has oriented its products and activities to the concept of sustainable development and operations in the face of climate change.

However, this was never translated into formal, written documents to underscore its commitment to environmentally friendly activities.

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In their last meeting to set the agenda for the strategic plan, the board and management made a conscious and unanimous decision to incorporate and maintain sustainable corporate activities and green finance in their operations and writing.

This aspect, therefore, formed a crucial part of the strategic plan document for the future and made ACCOSCA one of Africa’s leading organizations in promoting the green concept. Since the green idea applies to many areas in different contexts, in the context of ACCOSCA, institutional governance, products, and services are the key fronts where green activities are encouraged.

ACCOSCA believes that the Cooperative movement in Africa can significantly contribute to Sustainable Goal NO.13 Climate Action. To this end, it has begun integrating climate protection measures into its policies, business practices, and training. In addition, ACCOSCA strives to equip its employees with working approaches that ensure optimal and efficient use of resources to reduce waste, save energy and avoid environmental degradation.

Henceforth, incorporating green knowledge into its training programs will be a crucial part of the association’s contribution to promoting sustainability and environmental protection. In addition, ACCOSCA continues to positively impact the lives of people around Africa through its projects and activities; this includes fighting against poverty, working towards gender equality, economic empowerment, and creating partnerships for development.


Our Upcoming Events

Aug, 2022

2022 SACCA Congress

August 28, 2022 08:30-September 3, 2022 17:00
We invite you to experience the experience the biggest credit union congress in Africa, the 22nd Annual Savings and Credit Associations (SACCA) congress, happening at Esibayeni Lodge, Kingdom of Eswatini…
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Aug, 2022

Regulatory Round Table

August 23, 2022 08:30-August 26, 2022 17:00
We are excited to announce that in conjunction with the South African Reserve Bank (RBSA), ACCOSCA is convening the Africa Regulatory Round Table (RRT) from 23rd to 26th August 2022…
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Nov, 2022

Exchange Program – Sydney, Australia

November 27, 2022 08:30-December 3, 2022 17:00
ACCOSCA is inviting you to participate in knowledge sharing and transfer through the Australia Exchange Program, which is taking place from 27th November to 3rd December in Sydney, Australia. This…
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